Both ProRides’ brand and website are in dire need of a refresh, not only to better inform, but also to appeal to another demographic of riders that ProRides had previously not attended to: young, new riders looking for their first motorcycle with a timeless, retro style. 

This was a speculative project performed for a local motorcycle dealership, ProRides Garage Inc., who had recently become the island of Malta’s exclusive dealer for Herald Motor Co, a Britain-based motorcycle company. ProRides’ current site is heavily focused on gear, and a visitor would be forgiven for not realising that not only do they sell new and used motorcycles, but amongst the island’s biker circles is known as the go-to service and repair shop for Harley-Davidsons.
Using the best element of their previous logo and incorporating a new motif of the divider line, the revitalized logo pays homage to the old while breathing in new life. As for the site, it is designed to give the new rider the confidence that the garage has them covered for every need, from the motorcycle and gear purchase to repairs and servicing.

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