An all-in-one eCommerce SMS platform, Blueprint allows Shopify store owners to have 1:1 SMS conversations with their customers. With features like direct chats, automated message flows and abandoned cart recovery, it is no surprise that customers using Blueprint experience an increase in both retention and revenue by utilizing this handy tool.
Blueprint Ltd. needed a variety of creative work. The promotional video above has been used on their site, social media, and email newsletter. They also needed ads for a campaign on their social media, including a couple of animated GIF ads, as they result in much more engagement and higher CTR (Click-Through-Rate). I also created the following:
      • Web assets on their homepage and subscriptions page,
      • Blog post thumbnail,
      • Report thumbnail
Their brand colours as well as the ‘blueprint’ grid were used to reinforce their brand identity: having a blueprint to increase a business’s retention by creating a better customer journey. These together result in both better brand recognition and retention of the brand.

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