The Farsons Brewery Experience
Brewing Malta's beer for nearly 150 years, Farsons Simonds Cisk has a rich legacy. 
Following an extensive restoration of Farsons' 1950 brewery which had been running for 63 years, the Farsons Brewery Experience was opened detailing their brewing process along with the history of the company and the families that founded it and ran it. The descendants of these families continue to run it to this day.
In the Brand Store above some merchandise, a large photograph displaying racks of crates of beer bottles. This photo was edited to enhance the composition by adding the Cisk brand colour yellow, thereby complementing its surroundings and reinforcing the brand.
The 'Steam Steriliser' finds its place next to said merchandise. The bilingual label in English and Maltese (the official languages in Malta), provides additional details on its use and history.

More labels amongst the Brand Store merchandise.

In common areas such as the main reception, additional defunct brewery paraphernalia may be found.

In the Farsons Brewery Experience itself – illustrated signage complementing the displays.

The Chapels Gastrobrewpub is home to the Red Mill Brewing Co, an in-house microbrewery allowing them to serve fresh craft beer on tap. The brewery process is illustrated next to the machinery to allow the reader to understand the process step by step.​​​​​​​

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