Penguin & Panda Poetry
Penguin & Panda Poetry are a collective aiming to encourage writers and poets to share their work. They do this through their Facebook group by posting tips, prompts, and sharing submitted poems.​​​​​​​
Due to the literary nature of the group, the co-founders wanted the brand to have a publisher feel to it. I asked what animals they would deem their 'soul animals' to be, to which one chimed "Penguin!" and the other "Panda!" - thus Penguin & Panda Poetry came into being.


The Penguin & the Panda

Facebook Page

A series of four posters to promote the initial spoken word event that started it all. It was an open call to anybody who wanted to perform spoken-word poetry, regardless of experience. It was after this event that Penguin & Panda Poetry was founded.

Other Projects I've Done

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